Cherry trees

Yesterday morning we went into town and looked at the Cherry trees at Kungsträdgården. It was a gorgous day so we sat on the park bench enjoying the trees, fountains and an ice cream. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful Cherry trees in full bloom:



In the evening I went to the hair dresser in order to get my hair done and then we headed to a place called Modellfabriken (a photo studio) where I first got make up put on (Mathias just got some powder) and then we had a photo session. At first we had 117 pictures which we narrowed down to 15. We got all the photos on a CD to take with us home right away, but we also purchased two print-outs that we'll hang on the wall. Here is one of our pictures and if you want to see another one take a look at the "about me-page" (if you read this in a blog reader or get it through email you need to visit the actual blog!) where I've posted another picture.


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