Easter brunch

Yesterday we went to Bockholmen for Easter brunch. We've been there one time before some weeks ago on a "normal brunch" and we decided it could be fun to go there for Easter too. When we decided to book a table we never thought about that it would be a special brunch this weekend. As with the normal year-round brunch this one was just as yummy. My favorite dish of the brunch was gubbröra (a pickled herring dish) and even if I was full I actually went and took a 3rd serving just so I could eat more of it! Here are some pictures I took during our brunch:





Before our brunch we had been in the (Stockholm) Old town in order to find some geocaches. We were there at 9am already as we wanted to find the caches before too much people started to walk around the area. We found 3 caches in total. Then on our way from Bockholmen after our brunch we found our 4th cache for the day:


And on our way to my parents place we found our 5th and last cache of the day at Östra Ryds kyrka.

I think one of the most fun parts of geocaching is that you find new places you've never heard of before. Like today, one cache took us to a place called "Normalhöjdpunkten för Sverige" (the Ordnance datum of Sweden) from year 1900. I had no idea this place existed!


If you want to read more about it click here. Scroll down to part number 8. If you want the text in Swedish instead you have a little language button fairly high up on the right side on the page.

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