Pottery gone bad

Wow, I haven't posted since March 20th!! I knew I haven't had a working computer for quite some time but didn't know it was that long … I've bought a new MacBook Pro now and I'm back in the game! :) 

As it's Sunday today I had a pottery session on the schedule. The first 1,5 hour went quite bad and everything I did went in the discard pile:


I blame it on 1) my arms and fingers are not doing so well right now and 2) it's 3 weeks since my last pottery session. One week we didn't have a class because the teacher was away and they didn't find a replacement for her, and last week I didn't go because my joints have been doing poorly for quite some time now. After our lunch break though I started to get the hang of it again and when I left I realized I'd started a cactus pot collection:


When I came back home we took a nice walk in the fabulous Spring weather. It was warm yesterday, but today it was even warmer, 20C! No need for cold weather now until October the earliest! 🙂 At the end of our walk though my legs started hurting so bad that I just wanted to fly home. The joint pain I've had lately is no fun at all and I'm starting to get quite frustrated as I actually had my IV session last Monday and I've not gotten any better after that which normally happens. I'm just hoping the warmer season will remove my pain now. I want to be able to be outside, take walks and enjoy the weather, even more so considering we've found a new hobby, geocaching. You can read more about what that is here but it's basically a worldwide treasure hunting game using a GPS. We've managed to find 3 geocaches already and today we had planned to find one more but it was so much people where the cache should be located that we decided to go there some other time. You're not supposed to find a geocache when lots of non-geocachers, called Mugglers in the geocaching world (I wonder if J.K Rowling has approved of using that name!?), are close by. Here is a picture of the first cache we found (located within 5 minutes walking from our apartment):


Oh, and before I leave for today I just want to show a picture of yesterday's yummy dinner prepared by my wonderful hubby, grilled rainbow trout:




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