Throw pottery and choir show

Today I started my new throw pottery class which will be 6 lessons. I've had 7 lessons during my last class and today I brought everything home.


During the upcoming classes I plan to learn how to make flower pots. Yesterday I realized that instead of buying 2-3 pots for our bedroom I'll just make them myself! 

When I got back home Mathias' dad was here in order to have Mathias help him with some computer issues. We ate early dinner together, the Thai green curry dish I talked about yesterday, and the best part is that I got two lunch boxes for this week too! 🙂


After dinner it was time to head out the door again. Mathias' dad went home, and Mathias and  I took the subway in order to meet up with his mom so we could take the train to SpĂĄnga where Mathias' aunt, Cecilia, choir performed tonight. Here my mother-in-law and Mathias is eagerly awaitning the show:


It was a nice show with lots of great songs. Cecilia is second to the right in below picture:


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