Delicious dinners

We've had very delicious dinners lately! Mathias and I usually split our dinner preparations so I handle the weekdays and he the weekends (including Fridays). Unless he has a specific recipe he wants to prepare, I've taken care of the shopping and picking out the recipes myself which is something I enjoy doing a lot. During our last shopping turn–groceries being delivered of course :)–I found some new recipes I wanted to try out and this weekend (and even during the week) we've had new dishes on the table.

Last night we ate pork tenderloin with a sauce containing mushrooms, tomato and thyme, and to that we had rice. This dish could easily become my favorite dish! It was so yummy!! 🙂


For dinner today we ate a dish called "luxury salmon". Also very yummy, although I wouldn't have mind some more sauce so next time we need to double the amount we make.


Another new recipe this week was a Thai green curry chicken which will be a hit whenever a cold is around the corner because that one was spicy! Forgot to take a picture… but I can share another one, todays lunch, shrimp and avocado. Unfortunately I didn't have neither onion nor lemon at home but it tasted alright anyway.


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