Medication, medication…

When I had my doctor's appointment 14 days ago I was told to increase my medication, Methotrexate, to 6 pills each week. I've taken 4 pills each week now for a year and it's been going great so I wasn't that happy about increasing my dosage as I had so many problems when I used to take 8. The first 1,5 day after taking the 6 pills was actually pretty good but then after dinner Saturday evening I started to get so nauseas and it has basically been like that ever since. Some moments I feel "fine" and then suddenly the nausea hits. I've not had much apitite during the past 8 days either. I managed to go to work all last week though which I'm happy about. 

Thursday came and I actually made the decision to just take 4 pills as we had a trip to Gävle coming up and I didn't want to feel bad. I've felt better during the past days but it's not as good as before I went up to 6 pills. It's weird that the side effects comes "so long" after taking the medication and that it stay for such a long time.  I'm seriously starting to think about taking methotrexate injections instead of pills. I don't mind needles as long as someone else pokes me but having to do it myself… I'm not so sure I'll manage to do that! But, if it will make me feel better it's worth it I suppose.

So even with me having nausea Friday evening we did manage to drive up to Gävle together with my parents. We arrived at the hotel around 6pm and then we ate dinner at the hotels restaurant before heading to bed. I think I slept by 9.30pm. Saturday we ate breakfast before driving to the memorial and then to my aunt's house. She and my uncle didn't know we were going to come for a visit so they were quite surprised. We had a cake with us but I just tried a piece from Mathias slice and didn't eat anymore as the medication makes me sensitive to some sweet stuff. It was beautiful to look at though!



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