I’m annoyed…

or mad… I don't appreciate being lied too!! 

Today I got a call from the nurse at the hospital and was told she could give me an appointment for Thursday this week–I'd gotten another time 2 weeks ago which they cancelled and I've tried to book a new appointment since–so I was quite happy finally getting my appointment as I do need to talk to the doctor about some things.

So, this afternoon I left work 50 minutes ahead of originally planned in order to be able to take the bus back home, pick up the "blood work note" and get to the doctor's clinic before 4pm when they closed their laboratory–right after I got my appointment today I went online and checked when the laboratory would close. 10 minutes to 4pm I was in the laboratory and sat down to wait. The lab nurse came out and looked at me and wondered if I was waiting for her. Obviously I said yes… her reply was "We close at 3pm" to which I replied that according to your website you close at 4pm. She then said that they used to do that but now closes at 3pm and that the clinic had updated their website this morning. I told her that I had been on their website right before lunch and it did say 4pm (I even checked when I got back home and it still had that time). She replied with saying that I can't come 10 minutes before they close and expect them to help me as she has things she needs to do with the blood  and that takes 30 minutes to an hour. With that she left and I was standing there starting to be "quite" annoyed… 

During my 3-minute walk home I called the clinic and left a voice mail requesting to be contacted by someone in charge. I wanted to tell them 1) that they need to update their website with the correct information, and 2) I don't appreciate someone lying to me. 

30 minutes later I got a call from the head nurse… She told me that the lab nurse had talked to her right after our talk and that she'd heard my voice message. She said she was sorry that they weren't able to help me, and continued with that the nurse didn't know the website hadn't been updated yet but that she had done that herself right before she called me. (I've checked and it's now updated) Her excuse for having the wrong information there was because the clinic recently had taken over the main responsibility of the lab (it had previously been handled by an outside company) so they didn't know how much time the nurse had to spend on "fixing" the blood afterwards. Seems a little strange to me as it's the same lab nurse which has been there "forever" so I mean she should know and be able to tell them right from the start what is required. Has her duties really changed that much? If they closed at 4pm previously she had to stay until 5pm the latest, but I guess they must have given her shorten work  hours then. 🙂 The head nurse said that I was welcome tomorrow morning at 8am. Not particularly likely I'll do that!! Then I need to work shorter time tomorrow too and I have more fun things I can think about spending my overtime hours than waiting in a lab for someone to poke me.

A funny thing happened 10 minutes after that call as I got a call from the nurse at the hospital wanting to schedule a new appointment with me. I told her she already called me once today and that I probably just needed one appointment for now. 🙂 She laughed and said she was sorry to bother me twice today. I told her no worries and I added a very short version of me having issues trying to get my blood work done before my appointment on Thursday and she said she would do it at that time instead. I like my new "hospital nurse". She's always so nice on the phone and does not sound as rude and annoyed as the one I used to have when I belonged to "Rheumatoid newbie department". 

So this week I'll be visiting the hospital twice, Thursday for my 6-month checkup and on Friday it's time for IV medication again. Last week I also went to the hospital as I needed a cortisone shot in my right foot. Now I'm feeling better than I've for several weeks. I'm just hoping that feeling will continue even with the plan on lowering the cortisone dose next week. I can't wait until I'm rid of the cortisone pills all together. If I'm lucky it's 3 months away, if not… well, I'm hoping I'm lucky and won't have any setbacks as I had the last time I lowered my dose which was right before Christmas. 

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