On the hunt

Some months ago Mathias and I passed a cook shop while sitting on the bus and we said we would visit sometime, and today we finally decided to do it.

I knew it would be fairly close to Odenplan so we took the bus there, got of and started walking along the way where I thought the bus we'd been on came from. We walked and walked and suddenly we were at St Eriksplan and Mathias said we must have walked on the wrong road so we turned left and walked towards the parallell road south of the one we were on. There we noticed that the bus actually went in both directions (I had for some reason thought it went on different roads because of how the bus station is located). At this time my feet had started to hurt and we decided that the best option where to take that bus and travel "backwards" in order to see if we could find the store.

So, we jumped on the bus and it drove south. We passed Fleminggatan, Fridhemsplan, Västerbron and at Högalidsgatan we decided to get off–as we knew the shop wouldn't not be located further than that–and took the bus back from where we came from. We walked across the road, waited 5 minutes and we were on the bus again. Again, we passed Västerbron, Fridhemsplan, Fleminggatan, came back to St Eriksplan and still no cook shop. Where could it be?? We kept sitting on the bus as the next stop would eventually be Odenplan and there suddenly we saw the shop! It was right on the corner from Gustav Vasa church which is located by Odenplan! Once the bus stopped, we walked across the square and noticed that the awning's from the shop was visible from where we had walked off the bus in the first place! So after a 1 hour hunt, involving plenty of walking and two bus trips we were in front of the store:


After another 45 minutes or so we came out of the store and had lots of fun stuff with us home! Before we came home though we again took the bus, got of at Flemingsgatan where we bought some pastries (semlor) before heading to Mathias mother–by taking our 5th bus of the day–who was working today. We spent some time with her and then we headed back home. Back home I opened all our boxes and put our new "toys" on the dining table:


For dinner we used one of our new little gadgets which makes heart-shaped eggs:


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