A reason to move?

As a Christmas present from my parents I got a one-year subscription to the magazine "Baka" (Bake in English) and last week I got the first one in the mail. When I read it there was an article about a bakery in Vallentuna (the municipality where I lived until I was 23 and moved to the US) called "Vallentuna Stenugnsbageri" and they bake all of their bread and pastries in a stove oven. 

We had our dentist appointment this morning and he's located in Vallentuna so I decided that we'd go to the bakery in order to check it out. We bought a bread called "Kårsta" (the name of the area we lived in in Vallentuna) which is a sourdough bread. They had named most of their breads after different names related to the municipality and most of the bread is also sourdough. We also bought a cinnamon roll and "mazarin".  This evening we enjoyed the pastries:


Outside their door they had a setup of their different types of breads:


Everything we bought were so good that we could actually consider moving to Vallentuna just so we would get closer to the bakery. 🙂 If you have a chance to go there, do it, it's definitely worth the trip!!

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