Pottery session 2

Today I had my second lesson in "trying to master the potter's wheel". 🙂 I've noticed I have a hard time centering the clay. Quite annoying, but I'm sure i'll get the hang of it sooner or later! 🙂 As I forgot to take a picture last week at the end of my lesson here is a picture of what my creations looked liked at the start of todays session:


Today I learned how to "shape" them. I have no idea if that is really what it's called in English, in Swedish this stage is called "svarva". What you do is put it back on the potter's wheel and use a little tool so you get the bottom of the bowl looking good and also shape the sides (outer walls) if needed too. I managed to completely finish two of the bowls, the third I'll finish up next week:


Looking forward to see what we'll learn next week! So far I know that I really like making pottery but I'm not sure it suits my body. I've got another 5 sessions though so I hope my body will get used to this type of work and that my hands and back won't complain so much down the road.

After the lesson I decided to take a walk to the subway instead of taking the bus. When walking I can go more straight towards the subway station and it's a distance of 1,3 kilometer. Right from the point when I came out of the doors from the pottery school I had a view of one of my favorite churches in Stockholm, Engelbrektskyrkan. When I got closer I took a picture:


So why do I like this church so much? Well, it's standing on top of a hill and looking up it just feels like the church stretches all the way to heaven. 


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