First pottery class

Today I had my first pottery class. We were 5 students and one instructor. Another student and I were the only two who were new to pottery so while the other 3 started right away we got a little introduction to the stages of making pottery. Then followed a walk around the studio and next we learned how to prepare the clay before we put it on the potter's wheel. The instructor showed us the technique of using the potter's wheel, and then she did it another time much slower so we could follow along on our own stations. After that it was practice and practice… It was a lot of fun, but quite hard to find the technique when it came to center the clay on the potters wheel. I managed to finish 3 small bowls and destroyed 2. 🙂 It was very easy to loose concentration and then "whoops" and the bowl looked not so much like a bowl anymore. 🙂

The studio is set up for 10 students, each having an electric potter's wheel of their own. It was quite nice being a small group though as that allows more one-on-one instructions and not as crowded around the potter's wheels as they sat fairly close to each other.

Now, afterwards, I'm having pain in my back and arms! I had a little pain this morning already and this pottery exercise didn't make it any better, but it was worth it so I'll take the pain. Hopefully after tomorrows IV session my body will start to feel better and maybe next Sunday it won't hurt so much after. 

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