Avocado and tomato salad

When I was grocery shopping Sunday evening (which in my case means online grocery shopping and not going to a store) I noticed a recipe with avocados in it, and as you probably know by now I LOVE avocado so any new dishes I found that contains it is always interesting to me. So by the click of one button I had ordered everything I needed in order to prepare that specific recipe and on Monday evening when I got the groceries delivered I not only got all of my ingredients but also the recipe printed out for me. Not that I'm so lazy I can't do it myself but the store prints out the recipes if you buy the ingredients so I see no point in why I should print it out for myself here at home. Might as well use their paper instead of mine! 

Today I decided to prepare the avocado and tomato salad but I figured it might be a little boring eating just that so I bought a grilled chicken on my way home. The salad turned out great and looked this nice in the plate:


For those interested the recipe can be found here (sorry, Swedish only though!).

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