We celebrated Epiphany eve by going to a old neighbor's 50th birthday party. Lots of people and good food, plus that I hadn't seen them since 2007. Outside their entry they had a very nice looking candlelight holder:


Yesterday, on Epiphany Day, we first visited my father-in-law for a couple of hours and when we were about to leave he brought us to a place where a lot of birds right now. We had bread pieces with us and it was a lot of fun feeding all the birds. 



On our way to my parents (15 minute drive from my father-in-law) we got stuck in the snow two times. Both time on the small road leading up to my parents house. As I wanted to help Mathias getting the car moving I went out (both times) in order to push the car. Now in retrospect it was not a very good idea as I already had pain in my joints and this little exercise just made it worse. Both yesterday evening and today has been pretty lousy and the pain killers don't work at all. I'm hoping I'm feeling a little better tomorrow. 

As usual we ate stockfish on Epiphany. Yummy, yummy…


Today Mathias helped me bake cookies as my arms hurt to much to do it myself. He did the dough, and I formed the cookies and afterwards he enjoyed eating the cookie dough I left for him.



Today I've also been trying to clean out the Christmas decorations. It goes "painfully" slow as I'm not able to walk around for an extended period of time before needing to rest because my body hurts to much. It's weird when I can't do stuff because of pain I have so much energy that it "hurts" to sit still.

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