Welcome 2011!

It's a new year and we celebrated it at my parents place. When we arrived New Year's Eve this is how beautiful it looked when we stepped out of the car:


After lunch and some hours resting (I didn't feel particularly well due to a cold) it was time to start preparing the appetizer and dessert (which was my job, my mother handled the main dinner), while we did that my father-in-law enjoyed some newspaper reading:


For appetizer, mixed small sandwiches:


For dinner, pork tenderloin, deer, sausages, salad and potato au gratin:



For dessert, chocolate mousse (for those who didn't like that we had a raspberry version):


Of course, we also had champagne, which Mathias had won at a company conference:


After enjoying our nice dinner we waited for midnight at which time we went outside in order to enjoy the fireworks. It had started snowing a lot during the evening so we knew we wouldn't be able to see all fireworks along the waterside which we normally do, but our own fireworks along with the neighbor's fireworks was quite enough.



Once the firework was done my father-in-law went home, but first he needed some help in order to get out of the parking area:


We went inside, enjoyed some bread and cheese and at 2.30am we were in bed. Around 9.30am I went up, enjoyed breakfast with everyone else and went out in the snow to play (while others did chores):



Today is the last day of our winter vacation and tomorrow it's back to work again. I'm a little split to the idea of working tomorrow…  I'm looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule while at the same time wouldn't mind some more days just relaxing and taking it easy in the mornings. I think mostly so because I'm still not feeling 100%. It's a short week though… 3 days and then it's a 4-day weekend! :) 

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