For the past two days I've had issues sleeping in the early morning hours, and today I decided, after one hour tossing and turning, that it was time to go up instead. So at 5.20am on a Sunday I was in the shower, fixed my hair, and had breakfast right at 6am (earlier than on a weekday), and then I started doing some Christmas crafts.


And before you get all impressed at how much I got done that early in the morning maybe I should say that most of the 10 snowmen has been done as of 4 years ago (yes I've been very lazy up until now!)… I just had to glue the hats and scarfs, and then put the thread so you can hang them. Now I just need to figure out where to hang them… the Christmas tree is full already…

At 7:45am I was done with my little craft session and sat down in the sofa with my iPad and started looking for new Holiday recipes for cookies. Found one I'm going to make later during the week, and combined with the other recipe I found last week I guess you can see we'll have 2 new recipes this year.

By 10am we were in town shopping for the second time this weekend. It's great shopping right at the time when the stores open because it's not a lot of people out despite the fact that this is the years biggest shopping weekend. Beautiful white snow came down today again during our shopping hours. It was much quicker today though, we were back home again after 1,5 hours… 

The rest of the day we've spent in the kitchen making Christmas ham (we bought one which weren't cooked this year), Christmas candy, wrapping gifts and also making dinner… Chili, which took around 4 hours to make and now we've got so much Chili we could eat that for Christmas instead! :) 

Right now, when I'm writing this it's 7pm and I'm starting to be very tired… I think I'm going to get a good nights rest tonight! 


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