St Lucia

Today I decided to "dress up" for Lucia so bought glitter and decorated my headband with it.


Lots of people at work complemeted me for being dressed up as Lucia… (that's not really correct though as Lucia would have a crown with candles in the hair and the glitter is usually what Lucia's attendants wear). At the hospital (I had my IV session this afternoon) the nurse said "you just made my day". She had jokingly asked me and everyone else she had given Dec 13 as a date for the medication that she wanted glitter in the hair, and Santa hats, or "star boy" hats, and no one had done it. 

While sitting in the nice, comfortable chair at the hospital I browsed on Facebook on my iPhone and suddenly a group I'm subscribed too (it's a cooking website) had posted a recipe for "pepparkaksdrömmar" (a cookie called dreams mixed with gingerbread), and as I really like both of those types of cookies very much I figured putting them together would make a perfect mix. Once home I decided to try and bake them:


I guess you're wondering how they tasted?! YUMMY! If you're interested in the recipe you can find it here, please note it's in Swedish only! 

For dinner I made "risgrynsgröt" (rice porridge), okay, I didn't make it from scratch, I bought it already made and just had to heat it up. I'm not a big fan of rice porridge, but I decided to learn to like it today. I love all "normal" dishes containing rice so I figured it shouldn't be to hard to really learn to like it, and it wasn't… it won't be the last time this holiday season we eat it! This is our Lucia dinner table:


Oh, and on my way to work this morning the bus passed three roundabouts and every one of them had "marschaller" (kinda like a huge tea light, burning for hours, and made for being outdoors).  Very pretty…

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