A week of firsts

Monday I decided to call the doctor's office because I haven't been feeling well for some weeks (cold with a bad cough) and last weekend I started to experience some breathing problems so I thought it was time to see a doctor because 1) it had started to be quite annoying not feeling well, and 2) it was one week until my next IV medication. The nurse, when she heard what medications I took, decided it was important for me to see the doctor so I got a time the same day. Some hours later I saw the doctor and after she had checked me and also done some blood tests with nothing seeming wrong she talked to another doctor and they decided it was possible I had a blood clog in one of my lungs and sent me to the emergency room to in order to check it out. I were not allowed to take a cab or bus so instead I had to wait for the ambulance which felt really weird because despite the little cold, cough and breathing issues I didn't feel that sick! They sat me in a chair and I waited and waited… 1,5hr later the ambulance arrived (it was apparently a crazy day due to all the snow) and drove me to the hospital. Six hours later, after more tests and x-rays, I came back home with nothing being wrong with lungs, thank you God! 

Yesterday, we decided to go to the movies and see the Harry Potter movie, but the movie projector failed to work properly so we didn't see any movie but instead got two extra tickets. 

And then, late last night I read about the, at that time, supposedly failed terrorist attack in Stockholm. Obviously it's been even more news today about it. Having lived in the US during 9-11 and everything occurring after, and with all terror reports coming in I'm a little "used to it", BUT, and I think this is a major but, when we lived in Denver it always happened elsewhere, never close to us, so now when it has happened on streets I'm regularly on it's a little more scary…

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