Yummy gingerbread cookies!

During the weekend we baked gingerbread cookies together with my parents and brother. It's an annual tradition for us to bake the day before 1st of Advent, but this year due to other engagements we had to do it a week earlier. I always look forward to our little baking session, this year the "Christmas feeling" didn't really set in as it usually does though which I think was because it was a week before Advent. Still, it was fun, and the scent of the fresh gingerbread cookies was just fabulous. We got around 300 cookies to share.


The day we baked gingerbread cookies was the first day in 6 days I was outside the door. I was home from work all last week due to being sick (a cold, sore throat and bad cough) and I was so bored. There really aren't any good daytime TV shows! Yesterday I was so happy to be back at work again.

In the evening I decided to try making fried rice again and this time around I had some more ingredients in my refrigerator! 🙂


The weekend before I got sick we were out car hunting. Right now our no 1 choice is Audi A3 Sportback:


If you look closely maybe you'll notice that the color of the car is a a little purple. The name of the color is "amethyst grey" and obviously I want that one! 🙂 We'll decide shortly if we'll order this car, and then we'll just have to wait for it to be delivered. Can't wait to have our own car so we can go on short (and long!) excursions.

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