Welcome Angels!

So we changed to standard time today which means that I went up 7.30am on a Sunday because I couldn't sleep! It doesn't happen particularly often that I go up that early unless we have some plans that requires it. As Mathias has been sick and not been able to sleep much the past week due to a terrible cough I let him sleep and decided to do something fun, like cleaning. After dusting off everything in the living room I found something much more fun to do though as I decided it was time to finally take out all of my angels from their boxes. That project turned into first having to remove lots of stuff from the bookcases before being able to put up all of my angels. 


Apparently I thought it was a lot of fun reorganizing the bookcases because suddenly I found myself taking out every book we have, making decisions if I should keep it or not, put them in categories and then put them back into the bookcase again. That last part turned out a little difficult as I couldn't decide how to organize the books and on what shelf's I should place what. I also have some books I need Mathias to go through with me because I didn't want to get rid of them until he'd taken a look too so until that is done I guess my bookcase reorganization won't be completely done, but at least it's better than it used to be! I got one question in my mind though… why did all these books (see picture below) make it to Sweden?? Why couldn't we get rid of them when we did our clean-out before moving here?


For lunch today I prepared a "shrimp-avocado-and-egg-yumminess". Mathias wondered what was so special with today that I made something so nice-looking… I guess the answer for that is that I just felt like it, plus I had a bad craving for avocado today so even though I couldn't find the perfect one at the store I just had to get avocado.


While I'm on the subject "yummy", I just have to mention and show pictures from our fabulous little outing last night to a greek restaurant called Grekiska Kolgrillbaren. By far the best greek restaurant we've been to in Stockholm! Here are pictures of our wonderful evening:

For appetizer – garlic bread and halloumi:



Main course – Chicken Souvlaki and Chicken gyros:



For dessert – cheese cake and vanilla ice cream:


Mathias and I:


The restaurant had some fabulous wall art:


And that was a quick go-through of our Saturday evening! I highly recommend this place! Can't wait to go back! :) 

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