Chef Cicci

I've had a lot of fun lately preparing new dishes. Sunday I decided to make a new pasta dish with shrimp, red onion, garlic, cheese and tomato and I had a sauce based on olive oil and used one of my favorite spices from the Colorado shop Savory Spices, called The Foothills Seasoning. Mathias was very satisfied with my meal! 🙂


Today I decided to have some fun again and made fried rice with "what I could find in the refrigerator": shrimp, egg, red onion, tomato, soy sauce, sweet thai chili, and salt and Szechuan pepper. Sorry, no picture on this one… I was so hungry I forgot to take one! 🙂 Mathias comment after todays dinner was "I think I'm going to let you make dinner from now on because you're getting good at inventing your own dishes". 🙂

I've totally forgotten to post about our nice Saturday evening! We went to see the show Blue Man Group with my parents. It was a great show and if you ever get a chance to see it, go! It's interesting that for 1,5 hours the three main "characters" don't say a word but use body language, facial expressions and music in order to get their point across. Obviously we weren't allowed to take pictures during the show but once it finished I took one of the stage as it was quite messy with lots of stuff everywhere. All the "white stuff" at the front of the stage was paper that came out of the ceiling/wall behind the last row of the balcony and everyone on the balcony started to get bombarded with paper and just throw it forward until it finally reached the stage.



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