Happy birthday to me!

People always ask if I feel any older on my birthday and my reply is always "no"… If it weren't for all the extra attention on Facebook, e-cards, text messages etc I wouldn't even know it was my birthday. 🙂

Yesterday, on my actual birthday, we didn't do much at all. I told Mathias we could celebrate today instead as I'm too tired to go out and do something fun on a weekday after work. Yes, today is a weekday as well, BUT, I can sleep in tomorrow morning and don't need to wake up at 5:45am! 

Last night I decided to make my own pasta dish. I read some pasta recipes on one of my iPhone apps earlier this week and it gave me some ideas of how to prepare certain things. So, mixed with tri-color pasta I mixed in some fried onions, tomatoes and chicken (I was lazy and bought a grilled chicken from the store and just fried it in order to make it warm) and added a mediteranien cheese (NOT feta cheese) including the herb oil it was in. Turned out very good! I didn't add any spices this time around because I wanted to see how it tasted without it, but next time I'll definitily add that to the dish. So, here is a picture of "Pasta a la Cecilia": 


The picture makes it look like it was a very boring dish, but trust me, it wasn't! 🙂 We even got some left overs that I brought for lunch today.

Today Mathias surprised me with a visit to a restaurant called "Kryp In" (translation: Crawl In") which is located in the Old town. We've passed it several times and thought about going there but never done it and then last week he was there with some co-workers. We ate a yummy dinner consisting of…

 Västerbotten cheese pie with red onion, whitefish roe and sour cream:

I choose "Biff Rydberg" (diced beef fillet) with potatoes, onion, egg yolk and mustard flavored cream for my main course:

Mathias picked a reindeer roast beef with västerbotten cheese flavored mashed potatoes:

For dessert I picked creme brulee which unfortunately was a little sweet for me so I didn't even eat half of it:

And Mathias enjoyed a Rosehip and cloudberries fromage with milk chocolate ice cream:

It was a perfect birthday dinner! And now I have my birthday present left to look forward to, a spa treatment! 

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