Avocado seedling

Today it was time to celebrate my parents birthdays. My father's birthday is tomorrow and my mother's was two weeks ago but we haven't had time to celebrate her until now. We bought a birthday cake:


And Mathias prepared a very yummy dinner consisting of potatoes au gratin and pork tenderloin marinated in a mojo sauce. It was the first time we tried that marinade and it was very yummy! It was from my wonderful hubby's favorite BBQ book called "How to Grill" by Steve Raichlen. It's actually the second of his books that we use now… the first one got so overused that it fell apart, and this one is one it's way to have to be retired too. So pretty soon we need to order another one! 🙂

My mother prepared a shrimp and avocado appetizer and I got three avocado seeds to take home and plant. I actually planted one several weeks ago and today, after we got back home,  I looked at it and this is what it looks like now.


Can't wait to plant my other avocado pits! Pretty soon I can nick name our home study to "the avocado room"! 🙂  

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