Without husband

Yesterday morning Mathias left for San Francisco. He'll be away for a week and I miss him already! It's so quiet and lonely here at home. 😦 My dad drove us to the airport and after saying goodbye I followed him home and have spent the weekend with my parents. I came back home this afternoon and have spent the day cleaning and putting up fall decorations. Now I'm ready for candle season! 🙂

Friday morning I had my one year check-up. I got two new cortisone shots, one in my left foot and another in my left index finger. I've probably said this several times before, but I truly hope this is the last shot I need in my finger. Hopefully this will be the magic one that will remove all the issues completely. My left foot is feeling perfect already! I also managed to convince my doctor (that was not a particularly hard thing to do though!) that a 8 week interval for my IV medication is not enough and now I'm on a 6 week interval instead. She put me on a higher dose for my weekly medication as well and we'll see how it goes. Earlier I took 8 pills every Thursday but I felt so nauseas from it that she lowered it to 4 pills when I started with the IV med's and I've not had any issues with that. She wanted me to try 6 pills now though, but if I start feeling bad from it I'll just go back to 4 pills again. I'll also slowly but gradually get rid of my daily cortisone medication. I'll be so happy when I don't need that anymore as that will limit the amount of medication I take every week considerably!

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