Crawfish party

Last year we started a tradition to have a crawfish party with our parents and yesterday it was time again. I had ordered the crawfish ahead of time from Hötorgshallen and we picked them up yesterday afternoon. We quickly realized we had gotten a smaller size than what I originally had ordered so those 18 crawfishes were not enough and we had to buy another 12 of the "correct" jumbo size. We went home and prepared for the arrival of our guests.

Here all of us are ready to dig in and eat yummy crawfishes:



Unfortunately many of those "yummy" crawfishes were uneatable… turned out that the first batch we bought (the smaller ones) were not in any good shape at all as they were completely grey and looked disgusting. They tasted bad to according to some who tried a tiny piece of them. Thankfully we had bought bread and cheeses too so no one left the table hungry. 

We saved most of these crawfishes and Mathias will bring it to the store tomorrow in order to complain. I can't do it myself as 7:14 am tomorrow I'll be on a train with destination Gothenburg. I'll be there 4 days and return late Thursday evening. I chose to go by train instead of airplane–despite the fact that it will take me much longer time–as I like passing by the Swedish landscape. 

While in Gothenburg I'll meet up with an old girlfriend I haven't seen since our wedding. Very exciting! I'll be staying at a hotel within walking distance to the main city center so I plan to take some walks pending good weather! 🙂

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