Sunday adventure

We have had a whole lot of adventures today! The day started with Mathias going to put up our new curtain rod (in the bedroom), but it turned out that I bought one that was too long so we made plans with my parents to meet up in Arninge later in the day in order to exchange it. I had bought the rod when I went shopping with my mother some weeks ago and she had the receipt so we couldn't go to the store on our own.  

Before we met up with my parents we went in to town for some shopping that we/I forgot to take care off yesterday–we went shopping for some new clothes for me to wear at work–and we also ate lunch at Cafe Zanzibar at Norrmalmstorg. I ate a very yummy pasta salad with shrimp and avocado:


After lunch we went home and I called my father in order to decide on when to meet in Arninge. 50 minutes later we were outside of the door again and on our way. As always when we're going somewhere "special" I check on SLs (Stockholms public transport system) website of when and what subway/train/bus I need to take in order to get where I'm planning to go. We arrived at the subway station 4 minutes ahead of the schedule per SLs website but noticed that we just missed the subway and the next one was 10 minutes away. Annoying to say the least that the website is incorrect about the time, but we figured we would make it in time for the bus anyway–the bus station is only one stop from our station so it's not very far at all–and when we came up from the subway to the main bus centre I looked at the "big screen", and noted we had 2 minutes until the bus would come. We started walking towards our bus stop and suddenly we see the bus passing us on its way to the its stop so we started running. I suppose it's around 250 meters from where we were at the time to the bus stop. Mathias (and another guy) run very fast while I was trying to catch up as fast as I could. I'm quite happy I was able to run that distance considering I had some bad joint pains this morning plus that I have mostly been still for the past 1,5 years during my illness so I'm in a terrible shape. I've been able to walk much faster for a longer period of time lately so that is great, but after running I just couldn't speak for several minutes and I was so tired it took me until we had meet up with my parents–it's a 15 minute bus ride–arrived at the store, and me sitting down in a chair enjoying some ice cream until I felt like I was kinda normal again. I'm just happy I didn't have any joint pain or aches while having to perform my little "marathon" and I'm even happier I didn't get any issues afterwards. 

After returning the rod and getting a new one–in another store because the first one was out of the smaller rods–we were left close to the bus stop in order to take the bus back. We had just started walking towards the stop when the bus came and in my mind I just thought, "oh we're going to miss the bus", but the bus driver was very kind as he saw us walking and figured we wanted to get on the bus–not a lot of people walk in this area unless they are on their way to/from the bus stop–so he stopped and waited for us. We started running a little so he didn't have to wait for such a long time and then I thought "here we go again"… but as it was a much shorter distance though and I didn't run as fast as the previous time I didn't get very tired tough. As we sat down and the bus started driving I noticed some weird warning sound coming from the drivers area. The sound came more often while the bus started to drive slower and slower until it suddenly stopped… oh no the bus broke down! The bus driver announced another bus was coming within 10 minutes or so. We were sitting in our chairs quite comfortably–the bus wasn't full so no one was standing–so I didn't really mind it but a lot of other people seemed to get a little annoyed and some even walked up to the driver in order to ask questions. The most weird one was a lady who complained about the warning sound being annoying (this was just when the bus had stopped and before the driver had been able to shut down the bus and make his announcement. How stressed out can someone be? It's not like they couldn't figure out on their own that something was wrong considering the bus had moved so incredible slow for several minutes. We probably sat there for around 10 minutes and then another bus came and picked us up. It's great that they are on a 15 minute schedule between the buses on this line! The next bus was full though but I managed to find a seat while Mathias had to stand.

Back home we fixed the rod and put up the curtains I sew yesterday with a little help from my mother as I had a hard time putting in the needles in the fabric and after sewing most of it started to get pain in my knees so I couldn't continue using the sewing machine. The curtains looks great in the bedroom! I'm very satisfied with the fabric I picked out:


Tomorrow its back to work! I'm looking forward to this week as I'm going to meet "my project" for the first time and the people I'll see daily and in meetings. This week I'm going to be an observer in the meetings and the week after I'm going to be training down in Gothenburg for 4 days in order to learn my new job duties and then be able to take over permanently. Very exciting weeks coming up! 🙂

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