Minor brain overload

Today I started my new job as an IT consultant working with configuration management at a client. I went to the client at 8am and was met by my "teacher". The day followed with lots of information on how and what they did in the configuration management area and also a little of one of the programs I'm going to use. Tonight I feel like I suffer from a minor case of brain overload as it was lots of stuff to learn and take in. It was a great day though and I had fun learning all the new stuff and I'm looking forward to the coming days–which will contain more information and "how to's"–a lot. I'm sure I'll be very tired when Friday evening is here! 🙂

As I haven't worked for some time I'm not used to waking up at 6am, leaving home at 7:20 and spending a whole day doing lots of "brain work" but I'm sure/hope I'll get used to it fairly quick. I'm a little nervous about being tired as that is something that is part of my illness but I really hope it's going to work out alright. I read in an article in an online newspaper that a place in England had done a test on people that suffer from fatigue syndrome and according to their research 45 grams of dark chocolate every day makes you less tired. As I don't suffer from fatigue syndrome I figure that a little less of dark chocolate might help me out. Only problem is that I haven't found a dark chocolate that I like yet. 🙂 According to the research they had tested this for several months though and I'm not sure I'll manage to eat dark chocolate daily for that long in order to try it out. I'll just need to find some other solution, for example going to a bed a little earlier! 

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