Poor recycling guy

There are recycling containers that I pass by every day on my way to the subway (or bus station or the grocery store or…). Sometimes it's quite annoying to pass them, like yesterday, because they are so full that junk are spread all over the place. Today I noticed the poor guy that comes and get these… or probably just one of them, the one for plastic, because his truck was full of plastic… anyway… because of all the junk spread out everywhere he had to go around and sort the stuff himself as apparently people are too lazy to do that when the containers are full so then they just put whatever things they need to get off their hands smack in the middle of everything and now this poor guy has to go there and do "other peoples job". I admire him for actually doing that! Not sure I would… although I'm pretty sure it's part of the job description, but still! I just think that people could be kind enough, and not so god damn lazy–excuse my harsh words–that they sort their recycling stuff and put it close to the container where it should go. I also think that the recycling company needs to come more often to pick it up so this problem won't be there in the first place… or they could put in more recycling containers…

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