A year with RA

Today, a year ago, I got my diagnosis: rheumatoid arthritis. After months of not feeling good I finally had a reason for it but it has taken quite some time to get back to normal, actually, it almost took a year as it wasn't until this May that I started to feel fine and suddenly had this huge urge to do stuff. I couldn't sit still… I just wanted to get out of the apartment… Mathias didn't recognize me! 🙂 And it's all due to my "new" (I started it in February) IV medication Remicade and some cortisone shots that finally got my left knee in order. 

This week as I'm getting ready to have my IV session on Tuseday I'm experiencing some joint pain and stiffness, particularly in the morning but sometimes it comes and goes during the day and two days ago my knees hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. The doctor want me to feel a little uncomfortable before an IV session, but I've decided to ask my doctor for 7-weeks intervals instead of 8 as 8 seems to push it a little bit and give me more pain than I would like. I'm also still having issues with my left index finger, the cortisone shots I've gotten recently just won't work properly so during my next doctor's visit (sometime in mid-Augusti) I guess it's time for a new little intervention.

Tomorrow is Mathias last day working before an 11 day vacation time starts. I'm so looking forward to it as we have two small "mini-vacations" in our plans. First, this weekend, we'll be going to Orsa to visit the bear park, and then in two weeks we'll go to Käringön. Exciting! Stay tuned for plenty of fun pictures over the coming two weeks!

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