Never mind…

Yesterday during the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel the commentators mentioned that all of the flowers in the church would be on display today for anyone to come and see. I thought it looked very beautiful with all flowers during the TV program so we decided we would try to go there today. At first we thought about going before the sermon at 11am but the time this morning passed quickly and we realized we wouldn't get there in time before the sermon so we did some other stuff and arrived in the Old Town after noon, actually maybe it was almost 1pm by the time we got there. We went to the small passage (a road really) where the entrance of the church is and boy was it crowded! The church even had a priest and some other church personnel standing at the entrance with hymn books and got people singing hymns while waiting so they wouldn't get stressed out. When we passed by it was a summer hymn being sung. Anyway… despite the ability to sing hymns while waiting in front of a church entrance we decided to skip it. Yes, the flowers were fabulous but not so much that I wanted to stand in a crowd for I don't know how long. Instead we went to a restaurant and ate lunch and then headed home. I have to go back sometime to check out the church though. They did a huge renovation this Spring and everything looks so shiny now. I don't think it's been this shiny since the church was new. 🙂 Apparently (according to a TV show I saw recently) it was 2 millimeter of dust on top of "everything". 

I didn't stay up "all night" in order to see the last speech, cutting of cake and the wedding waltz so this morning I went online to check it all out. Prince Daniels speech was fabulous! As this was his first speech as a Prince and in front of that huge of an audience (not only those at the wedding dinner as it was plenty of people watching online or on TV) he showed no nerves at all. He just stood there mixing his speech in Swedish and English and did a fabulous job. I almost got teary-eyed at the end… Here is a link if you haven't seen it: Prince Daniels speech 

And the cake… 11 layers! I thought our wedding cake looked tall being 4 layers, can't even imagine what 11 looks like. When they described the cake I wished I could take a bite though because it sounded like a very yummy cake! Everything with wild strawberries usually is…

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