New Prince

As of today Sweden got a new Prince, the husband of our Crown princess. We went in to town in order to celebrate with everyone else. We walked around town for a little bit and took some pictures of empty streets–it's really nice being in town and there are no cars–the Royal Palace and suddenly Royal guards started to arrive so I took some pictures. They were on their way to the palace in order to take their places in time for the wedding. 







I wanted watch the wedding ceremony from one of the big screen TVs and then see the horse-drawn carriage, however, we went home in time for the ceremony due to me not feeling so good today. I've had a really bad pain in one of my shoulders, plus that my knees started hurting from all walking and standing still while we were in town. I'm feeling all good now though… it just took 4 pain killers throughout the day before it went away. 

Congratulations to the happy couple! I hope they will have a happy life together just like I and my hubby! :) 

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