Hallwylska Museet

My mother and I went to the Hallwyl Museum–Hallwylska Museet–today in order to visit their current exhibition of bridal gowns. They have two different exhibitions in "celebration" of the upcoming Crown Princess wedding–exhibitions ends this Sunday–but also an exhibition of one of the Hallwyl daughters, Ellen, who was a painter, sculptress and composer. 

One of the bridal gown exhibitions is of gowns created by the Swedish bridal gown designer Garamaj. Garamaj has created bridal gowns for 15 years so they showed one gown for each year. Here are a few of them:



The second exhibition was "Brides of the Hallwyl family", showing all brides since 1909 that have used the family's wedding crown. The wedding crown can only be worn by female relatives of the Hallwyl family. It has been 18 brides since 1909, and the first and last (2005) of the gowns worn by Hallwyl brides was shown together with the crown:


In the evening my father and brother joined us at our apartment in order to help out with putting down the floor in the hallway where our old wardrobes where located. Now we just have to buy our new wardrobes and the hallway is finished.  


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