Pasta nerd

I love pasta, in all shapes and flavors, and with salad or sauce or just "natural". The last option is how I sometimes each my spaghetti for lunch when I'm not feeling like doing anything else. Normally I just cook it with a vegetable fond and once ready to eat I have some butter, spices and, if we have it at home, shredded cheese. Today I decided to make it a little fancier, I still used the vegetable fond when boiling, but then used cocktail tomatoes and salad cheese (the brand is called Valio salladsost and has a much better taste than feta cheese) in the dish. I also used a spice mix we bought in Denver at the Savory Spice shop called "The Foothills Salad Seasoning"–if you follow the link you can see what it contains–and I have to say the dish came out very tasty.


I didn't have any fresh herbs at home otherwise I'm sure that would have made the dish even tastier!

After lunch I went into town to attend the information meeting at Arbetsförmedlingen I mentioned in an earlier post, and it was just as boring and useless as I thought. I knew everything he talked about already. If someone is lazy and not sure on AF's purpose or how to use a website then this meeting would be a perfect thing but for everyone else not so much. It's interesting though to sit in a room with 60 complete strangers waiting on a speaker. In the US people would have started talking to each other and interacted a bit but here it was dead quiet. People just looked at their papers–everyone got a handout of the presentation–or their mobile phones. Part of me wanted to strike up a conversation with the people sitting next to me, but the other (Swedish) part of me won in the end. 

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