Annoying car drivers

What is it with some car drivers in regards to just having to pass by a crosswalk so quickly? I mean, I don’t care if they drive when I’ve “cleared the way” with a meter or more, but do they really have to drive when I’ve just passed them with around 10 centimeters? It’s not extremely hard to have the foot on the brake for some extra seconds as they have stopped already anyway. Maybe I’m more sensitive to this then others, but I have been hit by a car once (10 years ago now) and it does NOT feel good! I was lucky though, I had a huge shoulder bag full of books between myself and the car, and the car did not travel very fast as they turned left and just ignored the fact that someone was walking, and yes, it was a green (white really as it was in the US) light. It was in downtown Denver so it shouldn’t have come to an extreme surprise to them that someone was using the crosswalk. In other parts of Denver it’s another story as people tend to look strangely at you when you do use the sidewalk, not that that give them any right to hit a pedestrian! Anyway, PLEASE car drivers, be considerate of the “poor people” walking!

On a happier note… my interview today went well and now I need to wait until the end of next week to hear back from them. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me in regards to getting a positive response from either (or both!) company!

I forgot to post pictures of the Adolf Fredrik church yesterday. I had two hours in between two of my meetings, and even if I walked slowly from Odenplan (3 blocks north of it to be more exact) to Hötorget I still had extra time to spend and I didn’t feel like shopping so I went into the church for some quiet time. I think I sat there for 30-35 minutes or so. Very nice and peaceful. I can’t remember if I’ve been into that church before (I know I’ve been outside as Olof Palme is buried there) but it’s very beautiful:




It’s not like I’ve ever seen an ugly church, but some of them are nicer then others and I do like the ones that are “bright” with lots of natural light coming in.

As always I light a candle when I’m in church as that is a perfect time to reflect and think about all dear people in my life that are no longer with me, either due to age or illness.


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