Busy Bee

I've had a very busy week! It's been fun though so I'm not complaining!

A month ago or so I received an email from Stockholm Saltrum with an offer of purchasing a "5-time treatment-card" to a cheaper price so Monday evening my mom and I went to there for some nice "spa time"–I used my first "stamp" for this treatment so now I got 4 times left–and afterwards dinner at Mocco (at which time hubby and dad joined in). They had changed my favorite salad to include honey vinaigrette. Yuck! It was way to sweet for me! Next time I'm going to try the shrimp salad instead, my dad took that one and it looked very yummy! 

Tuesday I interviewed the first of the job coach companies and today I interviewed the second one. I've emailed 4 different companies but two of them haven't gotten back to me so I'm going to ignore those and look up two new ones instead.

In the beginning of this week I applied for 8 jobs, and the day after one company called me and wanted me to come in for an interview, which I had today. Went well and I should hopefully hear before Midsummer if I made it to the next round of interviews. Yesterday another company called and wanted me to come for an interview too, and that one is tomorrow afternoon. So, it's been a pretty good week with two call backs.

Yesterday I went to Centralbadet in order to get my eye lashes tinted so now I'm ready for summer and wearing no make-up! 🙂  In the evening I celebrated a friend's birthday at Restaurant Tvärsöver (they serve tapas and have a few other dishes/options). First time I've been to that restaurant and I'm definitely going back. It was a very small place with just 6-8 tables and a bar in the center. Lots of people there though so I figure it's a place you need to reserve a table at even if it is in the middle of the week.

Today I've also managed to meet up with a woman at Medborgarskolan who are looking for volunteers as medsprĂĄkare for the fall. It's a study circle where Swedes (the medsprĂĄkare) meets up with immigrants who wants to learn better Swedish. It's 2-3 medsprĂĄkare in each group and 5-7 immigrants. They don't know yet if they can offer an evening option, if not I can't do it, but I really hope they can as it would be fun to do this. I've planned to do it since last fall but due to my health I've always had to take back my interest. I'm hoping third times the charm!

So, a pretty busy week, and it's not over yet!

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