Love Stockholm

Today has been Sweden's national day, but also the start of a "festival" called Love Stockholm 2010. It's the celebration leading up to the Crown Princess wedding in two weeks (June 19). There are concerts planned, and markets and other fun stuff for adults and kids. Today we went to the opening ceremony right outside the castle and listened to Sarah Dawn Finer (she sang 3 songs and then the national hymn) and looked at the changing of the guard–in our case "just" the guards passing by on the way to the castle not the actual change.




Our next stop was Kungsträdgården and an event called "Smaka på Stockholm" (translated Taste Stockholm) where different restaurants offered food. We tried garlic bread from a Garlic place, fried potatoes with aioli from Mamas and Tapas, and crepes (from I don't know what place). The fried potatoes was by far the best choice and we definitely need to go to that restaurant and check it out. The garlic bread was not worth paying anything for…  yuck! The frozen pre-made garlic bread we buy in stores are much better. We stopped at the events stage where they had a chef duel with the main ingredient of king crab. Seemed a little boring because you couldn't see much so we didn't stay long.


On our way back home we passed by the NK store where they had a huge picture of the Crown Princess couple:


Back home we watched the final of French open and hoped that Söderling would beat Nadal, but Nadal just played too good. When the game was over we went back into town for dinner. We decided to try a new area in town and our choice came to Mariatorget where we found a place called Röde Orm or maybe it was Viking… don't remember… anyway, yummy dinner:



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