Life is good!

Today I went back to Arbetsförmedlingen (from here after referred to "AF") in order to show them my job certificates and grades. I was very lucky as I didn't have to wait in line for an adviser at all but rather was pointed to a "generic helper"–as didn't have lots of stuff to get verified–who could handle it all instead. It saved me at least 30-40 minutes because it was a lot of people there today too and I went there right at their opening time. My "generic helper" looked at my papers and signed them off as "good/verified" in the computer and all was done. She also helped me figuring out which of the dates for the information meeting I should go to. She thought I had a strange "plan of action" because the adviser didn't give me a date when I should come back, rather I'm free to come in whenever I want to and/or if I need help. She said, "I guess the adviser trust you to do your thing on your own". Personally I suspect that it's due to me not being part of a union and thus not receiving any money while unemployed. I won't complain about that! (i.e. not being forced to visit AF every now and then, some extra money I wouldn't mind)

After my "appointment" with AF I went shopping at Hötorgshallen for some yummy cheeses, bread and vegetables for tonight's dinner. I also picked up my new jeans which I bought yesterday. The store, JC, hem them for free which is perfect for a short person like myself as I don't need to do any work at all! And, my gosh, the jeans I bought are just WONDERFUL… It's the same style as the ones I purchased during the winter, but it's a softer material and it feels so great when I wear them, and obviously I just did that for some minutes while trying them on in the store. Can't wait to use them for real. 

Something else I'm ecstatic to report is that I'm feeling better than I've done in over a year. My knees are all good again–which is the first time in a year that both of them have been fine at the same time–and my index finger is almost perfect, and with the 4th IV session I had yesterday I'm sure that almost perfect will turn into perfect. I'm finally feeling that I'm getting control of the RA to the point where I can start live normally again. I don't recognize myself! 🙂 Obviously I might have set backs and times when I don't feel the best but if that is limited to days/weeks I'm gonna feel so happy about it. 

And while we're on the "fun and happy subject" I've just signed up for a 4 day yoga course at Käringön this August. Hubby will join in too as we only have courses in the morning and afternoon (4 hours total) and the rest of the time we can enjoy each other's company on a small old fishing village island. And, hubby, I'm sure, is going to have lots of great pictures with him back home! 🙂

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