Employment Services Office

I went to the public employment service office today, called Arbetsförmedlingen, here in Sweden. I didn't have any expectation as to how long it would take to "sign up" but I didn't expect spending 3 hours there! 

When I first arrived I had to sign up using the computer entering all kinds of information (personal and job/education related) before I would be able to even meet up with an adviser. So, after 40 minutes in front of their weird computers–actually it's the keyboard and mouse that is weird–I once again stood in front of the lady at the information desk who gave me a number so I could await my turn. The number currently being processed was 14 numbers before me… which took 1,5 hour to go through. I do not recommend anyone to go to their office without first having lunch if you do happen to arrive there around 11 am. Not a good idea at all!! After my "little" waiting period I was let in to talk to, what I thought would become my adviser–turns out he only handles people with disabilities so he wouldn't become my "real" adviser at all–took around 20-25 minutes in total and then I was DONE! Or… at least I thought I was because on my way home when I read my "plan of action" I noticed it said they wanted me to come back within a week in order to show them my job certificates, grades etc. Kinda surprised me as the guy actually had looked through all those, so back home I called their help desk and was told that the adviser must have been busy today because he had not been able to do all that so I need to go in again. Nice!! And, why couldn't he just say that directly to me instead… According to the help desk person this time around I should be able to call ahead for a time slot instead of having to wait in line though.

I also need to go to an obligatory information meeting. Not really sure what to expect from that one… I'm sure it's going to be just as boring as it sounds and no more information than I can find on their website anyway. Here it gets weird again… at one place it states that the information meeting is on a certain day and on the line below it's a completely different date!

Only good thing with all this is that I can sign up for their job coach program where I'll get help with resume, personal letter, interviewing techniques, career goals etc. Now I just need to "interview" the different companies offering job coach programs in order to check which one that suits me best. The list on the employment services website is humongous though so it's hard to pick. I've just randomly chosen 8 different companies and will read their websites carefully before deciding which 3-4 to pick out. 

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