9 month check up

I had my 9 month check-up yesterday. Actually, I had received a time when we where in the US but luckily my mother saw that letter the day before the supposed appointment and called to let them know I couldn't show up. So, I guess it's really a 10-month check-up. 🙂

Anyway, seems like the IV medication is slowly doing its work as some curves are down, and others on the way down. I don't remember all the different curves she showed me except the blood pressure one because that one showed the opposite and she said it must be because of the medication but nothing to worry about.

I got two cortisone shots in my joints that have given me trouble during the past months, my left index finger and my left knee. When they've given me cortisone shots in my knees previously they've always wanted to remove the joint fluid but it has been so painful for me that the doctor's have always stopped. I decided to try it this time again as the cortisone works better if the fluid is removed. I think I did the right choice! It hurt really bad to start with but after a little bit it stopped and was more "just uncomfortable", so I can easily say that this doctor must have done a much better job at this than the previous ones, and maybe she should as she's a senior physician and the others "just" regular physicians. My knee felt so much lighter after it–she removed almost 25ml of fluid–and the cortisone didn't hurt as much during the hours of when it gets "activated". A doctor once explained to me that it hurts when the cortisone crystals breaks apart. The finger was a whole other story though because it hurt really bad last night. Luckily there are painkillers invented so I could enjoy the evening anyway.

I asked the doctor for a referral to the physical therapist as I thought it could be a good idea to get help in getting my strength in my knees back. 

In the evening my brother came over to eat dinner with us and he had pre-ordered "my pizza". As I couldn't get wet on my finger (or knee for that matter due to the cortisone shut) and Mathias hadn't arrived yet he had to prepare the dinner himself with me overlooking to make sure he did it right. 😉 It came out as good as always despite the fact that I had forgotten the tomato pieces on top.  

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