Looking good

Our hallway is getting closer to being done and it's looking very good! Painting is done, and mirror and hat rack is up. Now we just need to finish part of the floor and buy a wardrobe and then all finished! I'm very satisfied with the paint color (which is the same as our living room color for those of you that are familiar with that one!).

Today I spoiled myself with a facial and facial massage. Nice! 40 minutes of that makes you very relaxed. 🙂 I tried a new spa today, called Sparadiset. Can recommend it… nice and calming atmosphere, and good prices. 

I've also done grocery shopping… or rather, Friday I went online, picked my produce and today I got it delivered. Extremely convenient and definitely worth the price of 85 SEK (~$10) in delivery charge. It came directly to the door, no need to carry heavy stuff or anything. I'm definitely going to continue with this when it's major grocery shopping time. Even the vegetables and fruit looked good… So, for anyone interested, and living in the Stockholm area, here is the link: MatHem.se

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