Back home

We've been back home for 10 days now… can't believe its been that long already, AND I haven't posted anything to my blog since before we left. I blame it on 1) busy days before we left and 2) jet lag when we got back. I guess I also can blame it on being too busy with remodeling our hallway and having fun relaxed time at my parents place. :) My dad and brother didn't have a particularly relaxed time though as they've worked on the new wooden bridge/landing-stage all weekend long. Here in Sweden it's been an extended weekend as Ascension day is a holiday here and then most people are off on Friday too, so it has been 4 days when you can do lots of fun stuff… like painting a hallway or building a bridge. 😉

But, let's get back to our last days of our vacation which we spent with friends at different places eating lots of yummy food. On May 5 we celebrated "Cinco de Mayo" with real Mexican food prepared by Rosana with some grilling help from Maciej and Mathias:


Our next to last day we went to our favorite restaurant Luca d'Italia where we enjoyed a yummy 6-course dinner. As always we take the tasting menu when we go there so we got to taste a lot of yummy food in moderate sizes. I can't say it was the best tasting menu we've had there, but it was still good and we enjoyed our evening a lot.

Our last day we spent packing and "last-day-shopping", but we also had time to see a friend for lunch. 

We went up very early on Saturday the 8th as we had to be at the car rental place by 6:30 am in order to return the car. Our flight from Denver left at 8:20 am with destination Newark. Once in Newark we had 4 hours to kill before our final flight back home to Stockholm Arlanda where we were picked up by my parents. Before heading home to our apartment we joined them for breakfast at there place. My brother was nice enough to come and play Wii with us in the evening so we wouldn't fall asleep. I'm not sure how good company we were though! 

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