Mud and ice cream

When we came out to our car Thursday morning we had mud all over it. Turns out that Wednesday’s heavy winds (up towards 96kmph/60mph) blow up so much dust that we had mud rain during the night. According to a new’s site this is not so uncommon for Colorado, however I can’t remember that I ever experienced this before. I mean, obviously it could have happened during our years here as we always had our cars in the garage, but I guess I should have heard of it at least. 


Today we went to our favorite ice cream parlor called Cold Stone Creamery. It’s a fabulous place as you pick you ice cream and then whatever you want to have mixed in. I decided to go with my regular choice which is french vanilla with marshmallows, brownie and chocolate sauce (front of image) while Mathias choose french vanilla with graham crackers, pecans and chocolate sauce. 


I was a bit disappointed though as it didn’t taste as good as it used to do. It was way to sugary for me–for those of you that don’t know, one of my medicine side effects is that I’m sensitive to food/dessert containing too much sugar. I’m having some issues with cereal here as well as most of them tend to have too much sugar, no matter if you buy something fairly “regular” or stick to more healthy choices.

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