Five minutes

There's a funny "joke" here in Colorado: "if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes…" 

The past 1,5 days I think we've gone through all kinds of weather changes there is. Yesterday started with rain, then thunderstorms containing hail in the morning, that was followed with some hours of gorgeous blue sky and sunshine which then turned into another thunderstorm and even tornado warnings. We were quite lucky in the evening though as the rain stopped for a bit while we grilled our burgers. During the night it was raining some more and when we woke up today there were light snow which after a while turned into a Spring snow storm causing all kinds of "chaos" on the streets/highways. 

When we went to Park Meadows earlier this week I bought a new pair of shoes from my favorite shoe brand Sketchers–I've not found this brand anywhere in Sweden. 😦 Yesterday I noticed that they were a little too big so today we went back and I tried a smaller size. They fit much better so I exchanged the other pair, but I also found another style which I bought.


With my current feet problems I weren't able to buy the style of shoe that I really wanted but I'm very happy with the above choices! I just have to get used to that I can't have all those fancy shoes I would like to wear. Now I just need to convince Sketcher's to start selling in Sweden as it will be expensive to go to the US every time I'm in need of new shoes.

Tonight we're going to meet our old neighbors–when we lived in our house in Aurora–for dinner at Ted's Montana Grill at Southlands mall (huge shopping area in southeastern Aurora). They serve some yummy steaks, both beef and buffalo. We had planned to go out to the Aurora area earlier this afternoon just to do some sightseeing but that might change now due to the snow storm. It's not snowing as hard anymore so maybe we'll be lucky and it will change. I guess I'll just have to wait another 5 minutes and see… 😀

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