Mountains, hail and a new toy

Late this morning we started driving up towards the mountains. We stopped in Idaho Springs for lunch at the legendary Buffalo restaurant. We ate chili cheese fries for appetizer and for main course I ate a Buffalo stew and Mathias a buffalo hot dog. Everything very yummy… After lunch we continued to Georgetown before heading back to Denver. The main reason for not taking a longer mountain trip was that I've been in so much body pain most of the day today (and painkillers did not help at all until I took a third one late in the afternoon once we were back home) and I didn't enjoy sitting in the car much at all. We've got plenty of time to take longer day trips though so nothing to worry about.  

Once we got back home I noticed I had received an email from the Apple store stating my iPad was ready to be picked up, so after being home for a little bit we went to the shopping mall to pick it up. As always getting a new toy is quite exciting:


Here is a close-up of the iPad:


This afternoon we got a thunderstorm containing hail… and as usual after some hours the hail was almost gone but this is what it looked like on the porch once the thunderstorm was just over:


I also took a picture of a very nice looking rental car today. It's a Chevrolet HHR:


I can only assume Chevrolet started producing this model after Chrysler's PT Cruiser got so popular some years ago. Both models definitely has the feeling of an "old car".


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