Waiting is hard…

Today we went to Park Meadows (big shopping mall) in order to do some shopping. The major thing on the list was to go to the Apple store so I could check out the new iPad which I've been interested in ever since it was announced earlier this year. I liked it a lot in real life as well so we ordered one, and now I have to wait for my fun new toy in a couple of days. I think I will survive… 😉

After our little shopping adventure it was time for lunch and we decided to go to Brio, one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Of course I took my regular dish, Carbonara, and it was just as yummy as it used to be:


We came back "home" around 2pm and Mathias started working a bit on the computer while I took a rest in the sofa. I was quite cold so I got a blanket and lay down. Bono–the dog of the house–thought I looked lonely so he joined me:


We never went to the mountains today because it was boring weather outside so we'll try to do that tomorrow instead. We don't have a particular place we're planning to visit right now we just want to get "up there". I hope I'll have some mountain pictures to post tomorrow!

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