Peanuts in Waco

Saturday morning we drove down to Waco, which is a 2hr drive south of Dallas, in order to visit our friends Rich and Carolyn. 


We went to the Dr Pepper museum, took a short trip around Waco and visited Rich's art gallery and Carolyn's work, Baylor University. After that little excursion we went back to their place before heading to the mass at their church, St Jerome's, and afterwards we went to dinner at a steakhouse called Logan's. They had "all-you-can-eat" peanuts, and people just throw the shells on the floor. Looked a bit dirty and felt weird to do it as I normally don't throw garbage on the floor. Looked funny though with all the shells everywhere:


We stayed the night and drove back to Dallas late Sunday morning.  

Today we arrived in Denver in the afternoon. The flight over went fine, just a 2hr trip, but the landing was a little "shaky"… or actually, not the landing but when the flight went downward. It was quite windy outside (at least on that elevation, not windy at all on the ground) so the plane was bumping around and shaking quite a bit. That's not particularly abnormal for when landing in Denver but as we haven't been here for some time now you forget about it.

We arrived at the airport in Dallas 2,5hrs before our flight so we went to a restaurant (in the terminal) for lunch, then we went shopping some snacks and newspapers. Right by the gate they had some new and fancy seating with footrests. I liked that a lot! 🙂



One thought on “Peanuts in Waco

  1. Ulla-Britt Kvarnestam April 20, 2010 / 09:35

    Ååh Cecilia o Mathias! Vad effektiva ni är over there! Jättekul att läsa o titta på de fina bilderna! Hoppas ni mår bra och har roligt! Kram från oss i Hässleholm! Ulla o Lasse

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