Easter prep

Today has been full of Easter preparations. This morning I went shopping at Hötorgshallen (indoor market place) with my mom and then we had lunch before going our separate ways. 

In the evening I went grocery shopping with Mathias in order to buy some of the heavy stuff, such as 1 kilo of potatoes, milk etc because I can't carry all that by myself. Although now with snow being gone I can use my shopping trolley again and start doing major grocery shopping by myself. Hubby will be very pleased with that! :) 

I really liked making my own pickled herring dish–the tarragon herring–for Christmas so I decided I wanted to try a new recipe that was more "Spring like" and my choice became a "lemon herring" recipe. The recipe also contains leek and mustard. I'm looking forward to try it on Easter eve! Here is a picture of the finished product:


I've never liked pickled herring, but 3 years ago I decided it was time to learn to eat it so I've tried different pre-made pickled herrings ever since. I'm still not a huge fan, but I do eat it depending on the taste. I don't like the plain pickled herring, and neither garlic or mustard but maybe I'll get to liking them eventually, you never know. My favorite pickled herrings right now are 1) french onion and 2) Midsummer herring (both made by a company called Abba). It's much more fun to make my own though so I've decided to try as many different recipes as I can. I'm planning to have a "pickled herring evening" sometime early this summer so I'm browsing for all kinds of herring recipes. If I can get the hang of it maybe I can even start to make my own recipes as that is so much fun! So far I've mostly been good with that when it comes to chicken but it's about time to try with another main ingredient.

The lemon herring recipe can be found here (in Swedish only!!)

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