The Marzipan Boat

Today my mom and I went shopping in town. First, we went to my favorite clothing store, Rabalder, where I got two new (short sleeved) tunics. Now I'm ready for summer! 🙂 And for traveling as it will be much warmer where we going. 

Next we had lunch in the Old Town (the clothing store is also located in this part of town) before going to the "city center" where we browsed through some stores and then off to the Marzipan boat. The boat is just there (by Dramaten and Nybroplan) temporary during the weeks before Easter and I read about it in a newspaper or magazine or something. The Marzipan factory, Marsipangården, is located in a town called Trosa which is 1hr south of Stockholm by car. I've thought about going to Trosa in order to check out this factory and taste their marzipan but now as it was in town it was much more convenient. They had some very yummy marzipan to try and also different types of chocolates and some very pretty marzipan figures. Here is a picture of the boat:


And, of course, now I want to go to Trosa even more in order to check out this factory, but maybe I should wait for Christmas time. Why? They had some pictures of nice marzipan figures I could easily see myself getting in time for that holiday. 🙂

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