Waffles, burgers and a kitchen table

We've been "out and about" all weekend basically. Friday we went to my parents in the evening in order to borrow my dad's car. We ate dinner (salad) and a very yummy dessert, waffles:


Saturday we were at the IKEA store at 10am in order to return some items left over from the kitchen remodel as well as find a kitchen table and chairs. We weren't very lucky though as the chairs we picked was sold out and supposedly would arrive today. We found some other useful stuff in order to organize our drawers and cabinets too. 

After our little trip to IKEA we went to my parents because we had decided grill for the first time of the year. (Maybe my parents have done it already this year, not sure, but we haven't…) At the grocery store we decided that burgers and chips with guacamole would be the perfect dinner. My dad's burger looked quite funny after he'd put on all the necessary toppings so I had to take a picture:


I was also very satisfied with the guacamole we made. Definitely the best one we've made so far by ourselves… 


We borrowed the car one more day in order to go to IKEA today again to get our chairs. After our second trip to IKEA for the weekend we went back home with everything and then headed to my parents in order to return the car. Once back home Mathias put together the kitchen table:


He didn't have time to put together the chairs yet so those have to wait until another day. We "just" have two chairs to put together as we'll get my grandmother's old kitchen sofa. 

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