First IV session

Yesterday I had my first IV session. The nurses had some issues putting it into my vein but the third time (each time a different nurse tried) it finally worked. I was told I could notice getting better "immediately", within days or within weeks, and obviously I was hoping for the sooner the better. I was happy to wake up this morning and notice that the swolleness in my finger and knee was down a bit. The general "sick feeling" is also mostly gone and I'm in a much better mood now. I hope it continues to be better every day now… 

My next session is in two weeks, then another four weeks after that, and after that they start with the 6-8 weeks interval. The first three times it will take 2 hours to get the medication and after that 1 hour. They also want me to stick around for an hour after I've gotten the medication in order to see if I get any side effects. Yesterday, due to the "problems with finding a working vein", I just sat for maybe 20-30 minutes because they closed the office so I couldn't stay for the whole hour. During the actual IV session they told me to tell them as soon as I noticed feeling "strange". I started to get a headache after a while so they slowed down the fluid a bit. Other than that I didn't have any issues. They said it was more common to get side effects after the second session but I'm hoping that won't happen. Side effects that can appear, except headache, is fever, shivering, dizziness and it would stop as soon as they stop giving the medication. 

My mother joined me yesterday because I didn't feel like going there alone as it was the first time and I didn't know what to expect. The upcoming times I'll bring a book or listen to music or an audiobook on my iPhone. It would be great if they could have a spa session at the same time though… offer a manicure or a pedicure or something. :D I would definitely pay extra for that! 

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