Valentine’s Day

We've celebrated Valentine's day by watching biathlon, short track, ski jump and moguls–there will be lots of TV watching during the coming weeks! During lunchtime we went in to town for a little shopping and lunch at TGIF (much better experience then the last time we were there, still, not as good as in the US though). Back home we spent more time in front of the TV and then prepared our little Valentine's dinner.

For dinner we ate "wild pasta". We used the reindeer I bought last weekend and chanterelle's Mathias picked during the early Fall, and onions. Extremely yummy!

When we were in town we bought semlor from another bakery (Gateu at Sturegallerian) and they turned out to be much better than the ones we ate earlier this week. Yummy bun, yummy almond paste and yummy whipped cream. Definitely recommend this place!


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